Webelos and Cub Scouts had a great time in Brookeville, MD!

Webelos and Cub Scouts from Pack 457 attended the Fall Webelos weekend in Brookville, MD. This event was hosted by the BSA White Oak District. This is the Scout District that our Pack is in. Webelos could arrive Friday and camp in tents Friday and Saturday night and leave Sunday after breakfast. Scout Leaders and Boy Scouts from our Troop 457 were there to cook the meals and to make sure everything was safe!

Webelos had the opportunity to cross a rope bridge, learn scout cooking methods, run an obstacle course, and even practice archery. Our scouts learned how to tie knots like the clove hitch, half hitch, bowline, sheet bend, and even the timber hitch. Scouts even learned how to chop wood safely. Scouts learned all about hand tools and how to use them safely. Like the hand saw, hammer, wrench, and screwdriver.

But the one event that the Webelos Scouts enjoyed the most was fire building! Under supervision of the Scout Leaders, the scouts learned four types of fires. The teepee, reflector, hunter, and council fire. In two small groups the Scouts had the opportunity to build a teepee fire with a Scout Leader. The Scout had to build a fire big enough to burn a string about 18 inches about the fire. Both groups were successful!

Saturday night there was a campfire led by the Boy Scouts which offered skits and songs. All the Scouts had an awesome time, and we thank the Boy Scouts from White Oak District for hosting this event!

More Pictures are available here