The Webelos 2 Den keeps looking up!

On a nice clear evening in October, the Scouts from the Webelos 2 Den met Scout Leader Mr. Tom Young at the Needwood golf course in Derwood to learn about our Sun, planets in our solar system, stars, and constellations.

To demonstrate the planets distance from the Sun, Mr. Tom, with help from the scouts, used colored chalk to draw the sun and all the known planets in our solar system in a straight line at their relative distance apart on the walking/biking path. The Scouts had fun using different color calk to draw the planets. Neptune is far from the sun!

To help scouts see in the dark, many scouts brought red beam flashlights. The red beam flashlights do not interfere with our night vision like a white beam does. Mr. Tom pointed out many stars, planets, constellations, and offered many facts about how our solar system works.

The Scouts, parents, and leaders had a great evening!

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